Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Annual sewing luncheon

My little sewing group had its annual luncheon last Saturday. Besides gettting together to eat and talk this is also our prime time to display our show & tell and plan projects for the coming year based on the show & tell. The ladies in my group are extremely talented and the things they make are amazing. This year, I did not have any show & tell at all but I don't plan on making that a habit. It's just that photography and other life events have kept me out of the sewing room. Anyway, here are several of the items from our luncheon:

Beverly's "tin boy" grandson

Maria's "I Spy" quilt

Linda's sampler quilt

Linda's Christmas Wreath quilt

Anita's embroidered dresser scarf

Unis's Latte Quilt

Unis's Santa Claus

There are still a bunch more photos to post but I will wait until tomorrow to upload them.

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