Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We're in the home stretch

Next week will be our photography class final critique. We have all been busy color correcting, adding frames and mats and other cool photoshop techniques and then uploading the finished photos to our eportfolios. We need to have three rule of thirds, three leading lines and three framing photos. I have finished mine even though adding the frames and mats to them was giving me fits. They are good but not fantastic. I have seen some other student's work and some of them are incredible. Some of them are just so so.

I have pretty much decided against taking the advanced photography class next semester. Maybe I'll take it in the summer or next fall but I want a break to just learn more on my own and process what I have learned regarding digital photography. I have checked out several photography books from the library that fill in some gaps left by the teacher. Maybe I will actually buy some photography books in the future. After all, I never took "official" quilting classes but only learned from books and have done alright. Maybe photography will be the same way.

I stayed home from work yesterday and got to work late on Monday because I am going through some dizzy spells. This is my third bout of dizzy spells in about 8 months and something needs to be done because these "spells" don't just last for several minutes; they are lasting for hours and days at a time. Hopefully, it is something as simple as an ear infection. I go to the doctor today to see if he can figure it out. I just don't want to go through a bunch of testing only to find out there is nothing that can be done. Keep your fingers crossed that I just need a good dose of antibiotics.

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sheoflittlebrain said...

My fingers are crossed QD..I hope antibiotics do the job..and soon: