Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is keeping me busy

I have not had much time to work on making inventory for the internet business and so that project is kind of on hold for the time being.

Lately, it seems the sewing I am working on is all for charity. The Phoenix Chapter of the American Sewing Guild is really trying to "pump up the volume" of its community service projects and since I am the chair of the community service committee, a lot of it is falling on me to do or to supervise. Which is fine and I'm certainly not complaining but it's not leaving a lot of time for other things.

We are making anti-ouch pouches for a breast cancer recovery group and I am making up all the kits to give out to our members in order to eliminate some of the work for them.

We will also be doing some projects for Arizona Power Paws and nap quilts for the UMOM NewDay Center I am currently working on one of these quilts which I hope to have finish in a week or two.

It has been interesting to visit with these organizations but it has certainly kept me hoppin'.

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