Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This weekend, I helped a friend who was being stonewalled by a company that had delivered landscape rock to her property. The delivery driver backed his truck into a small retaining wall cracking it and shifting it several inches backwards (fortunately, she had witnesses to this action). She called and wrote to the company asking it to pay her for the damages but to no avail. It probably thought she was some harmless old lady who would just get tired and give up after awhile. Not so, because this particular old lady got her Irish up and wanted her money which was not an insubstantial amount to one who is on social security.

We prepared a demand letter (for our friend's signature) to the company telling it what they did and how much money would satisfy our friend. To that letter, we attached a copy of a small claims complaint that would be filed in justice court if she didn't receive the results she was looking for and also a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors because this company was a licensed contractor and it had violated one or more of ROC's rules/statutes. She gave the company a week to respond and if it doesn't then she will move forward with the lawsuit and ROC action.

I hope the company will realize it's not nice to mess with an old lady especially one who has friends in the legal field.

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