Monday, May 19, 2008

Computer troubles and crazy busy at work

My lovely Toshiba laptop has been down and out for the past week and in surgery getting fixed. It's back now but I have not had time to post even from work because of how busy the past week has been.

The new camera arrived and I love it! It's just the size I was looking for and I was even able to shoot a couple of shots while walking the dogs because I was able to carry it easily in my back pocket. The menu wheel is like the wheel on an ipod and since I can work one of those, I had no trouble with this camera's wheel. It also can trim photos right in the camera instead of taking it to the computer and can correct red eye right in the camera as well. One drawback is that I cannot change the ISO setting if it is in automatic mode. But I can change it when in Manual and it goes from 80-1600 which is higher than in my Canon S3. I know it creates more noise but sometimes you just don't want to use the flash.

Anyway, I'm still playing and experimenting and will hopefully have some photos up soon.


Granny J said...

I'm curious what kind of camera you decided upon...also what kind of zoom you have (I'm determined to do a decent job on birds on of these days!)

quilteddogs said...

Granny J:
The zoom is nothing to write home's just 3x optical zoom but my main concern when researching this camera was not the zoom; it was the size and some other things. So, it would not be any better than your S3 for birds. But you know you can buy a more powerful telephoto for your camera and maybe get the birds that way.