Monday, June 2, 2008

Broccoli diet is a success!

A few months ago the dogs were put on a broccoli diet by the vet. I had to take both of them in for various things on Saturday and so they got a weigh in. Addie is down to 48lbs from 54lbs and Roscoe is down to 44lbs from 50lbs. I'm so happy about that! Addie is 11 years old and excess weight is a bad thing for any dog but especially an older one. She probably feels much better now.

I'll still be supplementing their food with broccoli for every meal. Does this mean I'll start eating broccoli any time soon? I seriously doubt it


meggie said...

I love Broccoli! If I thought it would help me lose weight, I would eat tonnes of it!

Lynn said...

I told you they were looking mean and lean. Good job... Broccoli well I can take it or leave it.