Wednesday, July 9, 2008


While walking the dogs the other day in Ponderosa Park, a van pulled up beside me. The woman driving told me that she had met me a couple of years ago (walking the dogs), and she was interested in their breed. At that time, I told her that they were english springer spaniels and I thought that the springer spaniel was one of the best breeds. She was familiar with cockers but not with springers. In this newest encounter, she said that because of me, she rescued a 5 year old springer from the pound and it is a great dog. I was just thrilled!!! Her comment made my day.


Anonymous said...

If I wanted to adopt a spinger where would I look?

Mary said...

Have you met Jesse?

quilteddogs said...

Anon (a/k/a Tom):
You could go to for information on springer adoption.

Yes, I know snooperdog.