Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Getty Center revisted

The Getty is not just paintings and scupltures; it's also furniture and entire rooms from certain past periods. Most of the furniture and rooms were way too gaudy for my taste but that doesn't mean I couldn't still appreciate the beauty and handcraftsmanship of most of it. Without further ado, see for yourself (keep in mind that photos are a little grainy because the rooms were fairly dark and flash was a definite no-no):


sewnews said...

Wow what beutiful things to see. Definintly not todays taste but what wonderful workmanship and care. Would love to go there.

Granny J said...

And so just who sat on that throne? Or is it a mere day bed?

quilteddogs said...

Actually, I think my brother would buy this stuff if he could afford it. He likes gaudy antiques.

GrannyJ: The information from the Getty indicates that this bed probably was from a mansion or a palace and the owner of the bed would actually have greeted visitors while still in it. Strange.