Sunday, November 30, 2008

I finally made it

My Etsy store, that is. You can link to it on the right side of this message but it's also here. It is definitely a learning experience and I have notice several things I need to change now or will change in the future. I have a couple of more items to upload and then that's all I will have for sale for awhile.

Please stop by for a visit. It will be work in process.


sewnews said...

Nice Site. Lots of work I am sure. The bags below are terrific - Love the dove.

Terri said...

Hello I found your blog today when I was looking for a bag. It is the one you have made with the towels. I saw it at a quilt store this weekend when we were visiting near San Diego but they didnt no what book the pattern was in. I was wondering if you coudl tell me the book or give me the pattern to make it...
I would really like to try to make one..
Thank you ever so much
Terri E
Ventura Ca

quilteddogs said...

I'm unable to reply personally to you. Do you mean the bag made from dishtowels? That was from a quilting magazine (McCalls maybe?) You will have to give me your personal email or the name of your blog in order for me to get it to you.