Monday, November 17, 2008


Here is how my sewing room looked this weekend.

I had the sewing machine going, the cutting table going, the computer going and the embroidery machine going and made a little bit of progress on some projects. I'm making another bag for my friend Marge's daughter. I absolutely love this bag (will upload a photo soon). I think the colors turned out to be just about perfect. If truth be told, it gave me some fits and I had to do more "reverse" sewing than usual.

The good news is that Marge wore her monkey bag to one of our little shops in town and the owners were in "awe" (Marge's word, not mine) of it and told Marge that if I ever wanted to sell anything in their shop, that I should give them a call. I'm going to do just that tomorrow when this one bag is totally completed. That pretty much made my day.

I'm also working on a Christmas quilt for me and a Christmas table runner for my friend Rita who is battling breast cancer right now. She is back at work and off chemo for the month of November. Hopefully, she will receive a clean bill of health down the road.


sewnews said...

Wow that picture looks just like you! Go sew!

Granny J said...

Cool about that shop! Good luck.

meggie said...

Sending thoughts for your friend! Hugs XX