Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flood and Pestilence. What next? Plague?

Home repairs are coming along. The master bathroom and dressing area have been stripped of their wallpaper and painted white. Gleaming white. All holes have been repaired and the baseboards replaced throughout the damaged portions of the house and the places that needed to be painted have been painted. We also have a new commode that is a beauty if you can find beauty in a toilet. Except the old one is sitting in the backyard making us look a little like white trash but the insurance company has to come get it for subrogation.

In a few weeks, the new carpet will be installed in all the bedrooms (paid for by the insurance company) and then we are buying wood floors for the living/dining rooms and family room. Hurray!!! Those rooms will be beautiful and we will be helping the economy by paying large sums of money for these floors. Sometime in April I hope to say that our house is done.

But now we have termites. We actually knew about possible termites in the sewing room before the flood but we received confirmation from an exterminator that we have them in the sewing room and Tom's office. He'll be doing his treatment next week which is another large expense but needs to be done before installing the wood flooring.

All other potential disasters, please pass up by.

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sissie said...

Oh yeah...the joy of termites. In AZ there are two kinds of homes...those who have had termites and those who have them now! Our first run with the exterminator was not good. Several years later...I'm confident we did the right thing. $$$