Sunday, March 29, 2009

A big, fat zero

That's what I am. A big, fat zero. Only I'm not big and fat but I am a zero. A zero in size I mean. When did zero even become a size?

I have been looking for pants that fit and was having a difficult time finding any. It seems that my normal size 4 was just a little too big. I like Dockers and I like to buy my Dockers at Kohls but the smallest size they ever have is four. So, I asked one of the attorneys at work who is smaller than me (I thought) where she buys her pants. She said The Gap and Ann Taylor.

So, I journey to Paradise Valley Mall yesterday to try on pants at The Gap and Ann Taylor. I tried on about 8 pairs of pants at The Gap, all size four and I was swimming in them. Didn't even think to try on anything else. Left there and went to Ann Taylor that was a bit too costly for me. Wandered down to Ann Taylor Loft and decided to try on size zero, petite. Voila! They fit in the waist as well as the length. I was just amazed to think that I was now a size zero.

I ask again; when did zero become a size? Are the retail marketers trying to fool us into thinking we are several sizes smaller than we actually are?

And no, I am not anorexic like the models and actresses in this video clip


Granny J said...

I'd never heard of Size 0!! However, I've certainly been aware of how retailers are playing games with their sizes, especially in the recent past. As for those models, yeek!!!

sissie said...

Yikes....I agree - the vanity sizing is a mess. I can buy two pants - the 10 will fit and the 8 is too large. Nest time the 6 fits and the 8 is too small. Go figure.

Prescottstyle said...

Not to feel bad Quilted about your zeroness! Amoung those boney babes were a few that borderlined just being skinny!

quilteddogs said...

Granny J - You ain't the only one.
Sylvia - Yup, it's totally whacked.
Prescottsyle - I don't feel bad but I would like to know I could consistently buy pants tha fit.