Sunday, August 30, 2009


A post by Tombo and all the hub-bub over the guy carrying the gun in Phoenix while Obama was in town, started me thinking about guns.

Growing up, I was very, very afraid of guns and did not want to be near one. One day, I decided I had to beat that fear of guns so took a gun training class at Shooter's World where I learned gun safety and how to shoot and take care of a gun. Taking that class, made me lose my fear of guns (I'm really afraid of snakes too but have no plans of getting chummy with one in the near future).

I never became some whacko nut job over guns and/or gun rights but I did buy my own gun (a Glock 19)
which has not been fired in ages and I really need to get it out and go shooting. I don't even know if Shooter's World or something like it is still around.

I bet most of my friends have no idea I have a gun.


TomboCheck said...

As with most things, the people who are most fearful of guns are the ones who know the least about them. I love that you took a class to get over your fear! That's something a lot of people will never do.

As for snakes... I'm sure they have classes for snake-handling somewhere in the state. :)

Granny J said...

Good for you!

quilteddogs said...

Tombo and GJ:
Yeah, I guess it's a good thing to overcome one's fears.

Anonymous said...

"I never became some whacko nut job over guns and/or gun rights..."

So can I assume that your are a whacko nut job over other things?

sewnews said...

A GUN! You go girl. I did not know you were Annie Oakley. Never would have thought. I will definitely be minding my P's and Q's around you! Acutally I have had shot guns for hunting birds and shooting clay pigeons - or acutally missing clay pigeons years ago. Never really got into them though. Won't have one in the house now. As for the snakes will never have any kind of affection or liking for them - ever!