Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shenanigans & Surgery

Yesterday was Addie's surgery and while she was in the hospital, Roscoe launched a terrorist attack on our house. Our house is set up so we can close up the entire kitchen and then there is a doggie door in the kitchen door allowing the dogs access to the backyard. So while we are away, the dogs are contained in the kitchen but can go outside whenever they want.

Apparently Roscoe did not like being left along.

He dragged out a box of canned refried beans, ripped the box apart and then put a tooth hole in one of the cans. How he did this, I don't know.

Then, he decided to break down the cat door in the master bedroom, grab one of the horizontal blinds and rip it down to the floor and leave teeth marks in that. As far as we can tell, he cannot get his entire body through the cat door so somehow he did this just using his head and neck. Again, no clue how he could do this. We had to seal up the broken cat door and will have to make a better fix in the future

Addie is probably doing as well as can be expected. She is sleeping a lot but still wags her tail and has not lost her voracious appetite. The scar is probably 15" long.


Granny J said...

Oh, such creatures of habit are our pets! Change the routine and look out!

TomboCheck said...

Perhaps Roscoe is expressing his worry over Addie in a less-than-constructive way?

quilteddogs said...

The funny thing is, Roscoe has been left behind before when Addie had her teeth cleaned. Don't know what got into him this time.

Ha! I'll say less than constructive. Except when I brought her home, he could have cared less about her. Didn't even give her a good sniff!

sewnews said...

Poor Roscoe - obviously he does not like being an alone only child. It is really funny what they do sometimes. To bad we dont all have doggie cams to catch it. I know Addie will do well. Sewnews

sissie said...

Good grief,I think Roscoe had a break with reality! Or...aliens took him over? Hysterical about the box and the can -- he just wanted some lunch!

Poor, poor Addie.

quilteddogs said...

Lynn and Sylvia:
Roscoe sure had a break with something. Funny about the aliens; Tom has claimed Roscoe is an alien sent by another planet. Funny.