Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Lunch at Camelback Inn

My mom took some friends and me to lunch at the Camelback Inn last week and it was really nice.

I haven't blogged too much lately. Just way over busy and not feeling much like it but one of my friends (the one in purple in the photos) has been bugging me to post. This is a pretty weak effort here but it's a start.

Went to Petsmart, Target and Frys today to pick up some last minute items and some stuff to bake with. While the bread is in the oven, I'm doing some blogging and surfing.

Hoping everyone out there in cyberspace and beyond has a very Merry and Joyous Christmas.


sewnews said...

Yes, it was a lovely lunch. Good post

sissie said...

Wow - what a great picture of good looking women!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent! How did you learn this stuff?

Anonymous said...

I just added this website to my rss reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!