Saturday, January 16, 2010

A problem that became a benefit

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a small table runner that was pieced first and then once the top was completed and the batting and backing added, it would be hooped for an embroidery design in each quilt block.

Well, it seemed my machine did not like working on three layers of fabric and I kept running into trouble with the top and bottom tension while the design was stitching out. While trying unsuccessfully several times to get the two to balance, I decided to try using the same thread in the bobbin as in the top so if the bobbin thread showed through, then it would be the same color and not noticeable.

The quilt backing was white and the embroidery thread I chose was blue so the two would definitely be opposing each other which was a bit of a concern, but...

miracle of miracles, once the entire table runner was completed, it turns out I now have a double sided table runner that can be used both ways.

What a grand thing!

Prior to making the table runner shown above, I created the one shown below. Not one to use much white in my quilts, I'm really pleased with the crisp, clean, fresh look the white lends to this piece.


Beverly said...

I just caught up on your blog. I'm sorry about your mother. Love the table runners.

If you are going to be at SewNSews in February, I'll tell you my mammogram story.


sissie said...

Whoa ho....guess we will all show up to hear that story!

I agree the white looks really nice. And I agree I rarely use white.

sewnews said...

The white is so fresh. Can't wait to sew this runner

sewnews said...

The white is so fresh. Can't wait to sew this runner

sissie said...

BTW I LOVE the daily puppy!!!