Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two little scares

Scare #1

87 year old mother fell down and broke her crown (and her bum) on Tuesday. Paramedics came to her house and took her to the hospital where she stayed in the CDU (clinical decision unit) for two days.

My diagnosis: sleepwalkng due to Ambien (which I have decided is a very bad drug for some people). This is her second episode of sleepwalking while taking this sleeping pill and this time she was injured during it. Not sure what happened exactly, but she apparently had some kind of tussle with her chair and table in her living room and lost the battle. Somehow she cut her head (requiring 4 stitches) and ended up losing what looked to be a large amount of blood on her cream satin chair (ruined) and her white carpet (also ruined). She eventually sleepwalked (is that a word?) back to her bed where she woke up in the morning on a blood stained towel that she somehow managed to put on her pillow before going back to bed while still sleepwalking.

Hospital diagnosis: Anemia and dehydration. The hospital performed several tests to her heart and found nothing wrong with it which is a good thing. It gave her several units of blood and hopefully, she will be as good as new. Or as good as an 87 year old woman, 98 lb can be.

Scare #2

I had my annual mammogram a few weeks ago and got a call and a letter afterwards saying there was something abnormal and I had to go back for another one. No big deal since I was pretty sure the machine screwed up. Anyway, they wanted me back there post haste.

Go back for the second round and when it was over, I thought I was done and was trying to walk out the door. Not so fast, sister. Apparently, I also had to have an ultra sound which would tell them even more I guess. Whoa! This was not in the game plan. It was just supposed to be a machine snafu.

This was so completely unexpected that when the radiologist took me back for the ultrasound and was explaining what he would be looking for and the various possibilities it could be, I wasn't even listening. The ultrasound seemed to go on forever but finally when it was done, it turned out to be an enlarged lymph node which was nothing to worry about or be worried about in the future. Whoosh! I was one happy chickadee after that! Especially since I really didn't have much more room to worry about anyone else while my mom was in the hospital.

I think everyone is just fine!


Meggie said...

I feel your pain. I hope 2010 will be a good year for you & yours! HugsXX

quilteddogs said...

Same to you Meggie. Power of positive thinking says it will be a good one.