Sunday, April 18, 2010

The marvel of technology

I am still excited by the novelty of this new phone. Since I have not had a new cell phone for probably 6-7 years, I just marvel at the new things technology has brought us. I'm still playing with the phone and getting acquainted with all its new features. Today, I was playing with the camera and discovered the macro setting. So here is a macro photo of my magnetic pin cushion.

The photo is so good you can even see the little bits of dust and lint!

Even though, I'm not liking the monthly cost of this new gadget, I'm justifying it by saying that at least it is something I will use everyday, whereas the old cell phone might have been used twice or three times a month.

Who knew the photos would be so good?


sissie said...

Oh you technologist you! I love the picture - the quality is fantastic.

sewnews said...

You are so good. Remarkable what it does.

sissie said...

The photographer in our family - was so impressed with your picture, he has been telling our friends to go look at your blog! wow!

quilteddogs said...

Thanks to both. The photo turned out surprisingly well.

Seriously? He is asking people to look at a photo of a pin cushion??

sissie said...

Yeah - what a guy! He even knows what a fat quarter is! LOL