Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and my mom is not feeling well so she could not come over for her mother's day brunch. But I was able to take her her present I got for her from ebay.

Here is what I got her:

It's called Neil the Frog and is Japanese made for Sears back in the early to mid '7os. Now, they are kind of a collector's item and she is collecting them.

This seemed like a really good deal because the bidding started at $30 for 4 mugs, 1 napkin holder, salt & pepper shakers, a sugar bowl and a creamer. For a long time, I was the high bidder and then at the very end someone started bidding against me. I thought "screw that,this is for my mom and I'm not letting this get away". So I increased my bid and then sat looking at the computer for the next several minutes until the other person gave up because they couldn't or wouldn't beat my bid. So I was a happy camper with my new gift purchased at $41.00.

But the funny thing is, it was my mom who was bidding against me!!!


Granny J said...

What a splendid punch line. I'm glad she got her cute Neil the Frog set.

quilteddogs said...

GrannyJ: Yes, we both got quite a kick out of it. Although, if we knew we were in a bidding war, one of us could have dropped out and gotten it for much way cheaper.

sissie said...

No way!!

sewnews said...

I think this is a great story Glad she did not want ot pay more than $41