Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Projects

We got a new replacement skylight installed and now the bathroom is ultra bright and I thought it would be a perfect place for photos since it is way too hot to take them outside. I was wrong and the color is a little too blue and a little too muted but anyway, I have made two new purses/totes to show.

The black and white one was made at the Sew In and was the only project I completed. I haven't used it yet but will.

The ruffled one I started yesterday at the Sew & Sews and completed today. I am thrilled with this little tote (even though I had some troubles). I will probably make another one and know there are changes that will be made. I found the instructions in a quilt magazine and they were not that clear as far as instructions go.

I had to work for about four hours today but hope to get back to embroidering soon.


sissie said...

Both bags are darling.

sewnews said...

Can't belive you finished this already. They look great