Friday, September 17, 2010

It's hell to get old

We hiked the Escudilla National Recreation Trail on Wednesday and now our calves and butts are stiff. It was a 6 mile round hike up Arizona's third highest mountain peak. We started at 9,600 feet and went up to 10,912 feet and we live at about 1,000 ft. above sea level so this was kind of hard on us mostly due to lack of air. But old age was still a factor.

Anyway. It was a beautiful hike through Aspen and Douglas fir forests.

We met a troop load of fire men coming down the mountain which I guess was some kind of training mission.

At the top of the summit is a lookout and after hiking all that way, we were happy to finally see it. We climbed to the top but it was locked. Rats!

But the view was amazing and in the above picture you can make out the prescribed fire that was going on in that neck of the woods.


sissie said...

Holy cow! Fantastic. Our kids went on some other Greer hike. You are so much better to post than I am. Great pictures.

quilteddogs said...

Well then get on the stick, girl!

sissie said...

Oh you forced me.... total shame on me!! And you work full do you do it all??

sewnews said...

Beautiful pictures Love the flowers. You don't know old