Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have worn glasses since probably about 7th grade and always for distance. In the not too distant past, I had to upgrade/downgrade to bifocals because now I can't see up close. So even while wearing contacts, I still have to have a pair of readers in order to see up close. Not so anymore! I just had a visit with my eye doctor and he thought I was a good candidate for multifocal contact lenses. They have the ability to be able to make you see far and near with either no use of readers for close up work or very limited use. It was an absolute miracle leaving his shop. I could read magazines, I could see the navigation and all the buttons and dials in my car clearly. I COULD SEE! The next day at work, I didn't need them to see the computer or read the tiny print on legal documents.

I have to go back and have them tweak them a bit. Even though close up is great, distance is now a little more fuzzy than I would like so I'm going to see what he can do.

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sissie said...

OMG - amazing. Can you talk my daughter into trying this?