Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joyous Boxing Day

Not that I celebrate Boxing Day but I missed posting on Christmas Day so chose the next best thing.

This year was a terrific holiday. My family gathered together for the Christmas exchange on Christmas Eve after attending Midnight Mass (at 5:00 in the eve.) My mom had baked spaghetti on hand for our dinner first. It was really nice but you won't see any pictures of the people because most of them don't want to appear in my blog so I honor their request.

Every Christmas has been celebrated at my parents house. They stopped putting up a tree ages ago so my mom will stack all the gifts on the bar and barstools. I once had a cocker spaniel named Mad Max who was like a little kid (with obsessive/compulsive behavior) because he would sit for hours just staring at the bar and the presents. He did this because he knew many of the gifts were for him and there was nothing better he liked to do than to rip into one gift and move on to the next. He also didn't stop at opening only his gifts...eventually, he would move on to Amber's (my other cocker spaniel) gifts. Poor Amber. But she could care less about the presents. Max would even stare for hours at the closet because he knew that was where my mom stored the gifts until they were wrapped.

I really miss Max but I especially miss him at Christmas. He was a hoot and the whole family loved to watch his antics.

This year, my mom got out all her Christmas dishes and set a mean table for Christmas dinner. She invites two of our friends over and so it makes quite a nice little group of people. One of these years, I guess I will have to take over but I'll need to learn to cook first. Can't invite people over if you don't cook.


sewnews said...

Wow lots of presents and a lovely table

sissie said...

So story. But yes you can...everyone can bring food - you just to the set up.

Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^