Sunday, January 2, 2011

Perfection continues to elude me

I try so hard to get my embroidery and quilting as close to perfect as I can but it seems, I fall just short of the mark. This embroidered quilt block is going to be part of a quilt and the imperfections will eventually be lost in the maze of the entire quilt but still.... Why could I not line up the middle perfectly??? I'm not totally unhappy with the result and this block will not go into the rag heap. It does not offend me enough for that but I really thought this was going exceptionally well. Part of the problem is I can't get the template to print dark enough, even using only black ink, so my design is totally disappearing. But the grid lines of the template are still clear which should give me more help than I'm getting. Oh well. Practice, practice, practice.

Unlike this rose which is perfection.


sewnews said...

Beautiful rose indeed. You quilt block looks very nice. Yes, it is very hard to get all to do what you want and expect. I know the quilt will be great

sissie said...

Aw, don't fret too much. At least you are brave enough to attempt it. Perfection will come to you - Confucius say.