Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random post

A few weeks ago, Phoenix had several days of extremely cold weather. I mean highs in the 40's. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of the vegetation suffered frost damage but hopefully, the plants are hardy enough and will come back this spring.

I went in the backyard and was shocked to see our fountain looking like this:

Those are icicles hanging there and the water in the bottom is frozen. The freeze did something to the fountain so when it warmed up, we had to empty out the water and also cleaned all the algae you see in the photos.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, the firm had bought a bunch of kindles for a client event and had 6 left so they offered them to us in a raffle at a cost of $100 (normally $139). I was one of the winners. It came gift wrapped so I had my mom give that to me for my birthday last week. Worked out well for all parties concerned.

Now the thing with the kindle is you can't load library books on it. I'm at the library all the time so the ability to do this would be great. But before I got the kindle, I saw there are tons of free books available on Amazon and on other websites so I'm hoping this will work perfectly for me. There are several books I have read before or have never read that I would like to read. So currently in my kindle library I have Little Women, The Secret Garden and The Wizard of Oz. All free and all downloaded wirelessly while sitting in my sewing room. It is a very easy thing to use. I'm impressed so far.

Tom made the best lasagna he has ever made in his life for my birthday. It was the best lasagna I have ever eaten before. Not sure what he did to it to make it so good but I hope he can duplicate it.

He had the 3 layer lemon cake made special by the wife of his coworker. It was scrumptious.

Tomorrow, we have the day off so we are going to see Body Worlds & the Brain at the Arizona Science Museum. Seen one of the versions before and I liked a lot. Tom, not so much.


sewnews said...

Wow you are one lucky gal. I just have one exception to your listing of books. You know the EVIL one. The dinner sounds great and cakes looks scrumptious!

Ella said...

Happy Birthday! What fun! I have a Kindle and LOVE it. I understand that Amazon lets you share your downloaded book three times. I'll recheck and let you know. (this is really Sissie but Ella has somehow taken over my identity. Go figure.)