Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Who knew that Costco would be so cheap for glasses???? Tom has been telling me that I could get a pretty reasonably priced pair of glasses for awhile but I was thinking he probably meant like $50 less. But wow!!! I decided I needed a new pair of glasses since I have had my old pair for about 4 years or more and even though the prescription hasn't changed much, they are starting to cause some pain on my face and give me some eye strain. So, due to Tom's recommendation and due to Consumer Reports saying Costco was the best place for eyeglasses, I trotted over and was stunned to find out I could get two pairs for less than the price of the one pair I got at the other place. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Plus, for buying 2 I got an additional $25 off.

Of course, your choices are much more limited but having thousands to choose from just adds to the confusion. I'm pretty happy about this.


Ella said...

Good for you! I always go to Costco. My Rx is more complicated (older eyes) but still the best prices!!

sewnews said...

Yes, on the older eyes - and over ten years of buying at Costco. Can't beat the prices and have never had a problem with the lenses or contacts.

Good for you