Friday, March 11, 2011

My New Toy!!!

I have been waiting a year for this and saving up my pennies. Finally bought it. Since I ordered it online at the Apple Store, it won't be coming until the week of March 20. But since I have waited this long, I can absolutely wait longer. This is definitely a "want" not a "need" but maybe at some point, it will turn into a need.


Carla said...

Ordered mine this morning. I got the wi-fi + Verizon 3G. Ordered white (I usually stick with the standard black, but thought I'd try something different). Also ordered the grey poly cover.

sewnews said...

This is just awesome that you will have this. I think it will be a need for you.

quilteddogs said...

Very cool. I got white and the grey cover as well. Maybe we can try face time.

We'll see if it becomes a need.

Sissie said...

WOW....I cannot keep up with you. Terrific!

quilteddogs said...

Thanks. I didn't know we were in a race :)