Friday, April 22, 2011

To you irresponsible dog owners

I'm getting really tired of coming home from my dog walks with my nerves on end:

To you Mr. Yard Gardener:

Please don't try and make me feel less scared after your 150 lb Rottweiler comes running out of your garage into the street after my dogs by saying "he's friendly." There is nothing friendly about 150 lbs of pure muscle and big, white shiny teeth hurtling straight at you.

To you 12 year old boy:

If you are too weak to control your dog, maybe you should not be walking him. Or maybe the two of you should enroll in a dog obedience class so he doesn't drag your scrawny body down the road.

And finally, to you Ms. Oblivious Cell Phone User:

Two words of advice; get off the damn phone and put your dog on a damn leash. You were clueless that your dog was all over the street off the leash because you were too busy talking on the phone. The only thing that got your attention was me yelling at your dog to get away. Even then you continued with your conversation and left the dog to run in the street. Good way for the dog to get hit.

Nuff said. I am a dog lover but this past week has been a little beyond the pale with irresponsible dog owners.

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sewnews said...

Amen..... We have the same issues here. If they want animals care for them.

sewnews said...

Perhaps you should put this wording into a flyer and pass it around the neighborhood.

Sissie said...

You go girl...I totally agree!