Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things are looking up

Having a few weeks of having quite a bit of stress going on, things are finally starting to improve:

1. My mom will be discharged from the care center where she has been for a week after spending a week in the hospital.

2. We got a new roof put on due to the hail damage that occurred in October. Perfect timing since the monsoon season is upon us. Plus, it will be more energy efficient which is always a good thing. The roof was paid for by insurance. A really good thing.

3. I'm learning to knit! Thanks to my friend Sylvia. I'm going slow and steady and I have to with this crazy yarn I'm crazy about. You will see the final product in a future post.

4. Even though Addie suffers with arthritis, all of her blood work came back as normal or even a little below. The vet was thrilled! Addie is 14 which is very old for a Springer Spaniel.

5. Insurance will pay for the small crack in the windshield of my new car. It won't count against me as a claim and we don't have to pay a penny.

So see? The future is bright.


sewnews said...

Yes, bright free and moving forward

Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray

Sissie said...

Indeed, excellent to hear about your mom. Way to go on the knitting.