Sunday, July 3, 2011


Here is another thing in a person's yard. Right now, these signs are all over the place. This particular sign belongs to Greg Stanton who is running for mayor of Phoenix. I know Greg and even though we are of different parties, I will be voting for him. I'm sure we are total opposites on a lot of things, but he is a really good, honest and well meaning guy. His wife works with me and Greg also used to work for the firm, and in fact, that is where they met.

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Sissie said...

OMG - I so support Greg. I heard him talk on KJZZ and love his stand on education. The fact that he worked with Goddard is a positive for me. Thanks for sharing.

sewnews said...

It is good to know about someone as a person which we don't alwasy get in the written articles about them. Glad you shared