Saturday, July 16, 2011

More projects done

I have now knitted 3 of the flamenco scarfs and I'm about to try a new scarf made of ribbon. Now that will be real knitting. Don't have too much ambition yet to try anything other than scarfs at this point. Here is the latest one:

And I have finally finished the spicy spiral table runner. Not sure why it is called "spicy". It required a special ruler but once you got past the cutting, it was surprisingly quick and easy.

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sewnews said...

Both very nice

Sissie said... little ole' knitter! Great work.

BeeBee said...

Ok I LOVE that spicy runner. Where did you find the directions for this?

quilteddogs said...

BeeBee, my friend gave it to me but I'm sure you can google "spicy spiral table runner & pattern" to find it. You also have to have a 9 or 10 degree ruler.