Sunday, November 20, 2011

How now black cowl

Well, two craft shows have come and gone. The first sale, I did better than I expected. So that's a good thing. It was at my law firm so it's a private sale and not much traffic. This year, the traffic was positively dismal so I am lucky to have the sales I did. The next sale was at a huge church here in town with quite a bit more traffic. My sales were pathetic and almost non-existent. But that is ok because I considered this one to be a learning process since this was my first time out in the big, wide world. Lot of people interested in my stuff and complimentary about it, but no one buying. Unfortunately, I spent half of my profits on the shawl pin shown below. It's just a piece of wood but it looks like bone. I guess I am drawn by it's simplicity and how primitive it is. I made the cowl that is showcasing it and hope to have it soon on my etsy site.

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sewnews said...

Hooray for your first sale, but don't be discouraged by second go round people are so umpredictable. Your stuff is top notch.

Sissie said...

Beautiful cowl - all your stuff is lovely. I love the pin. Drats, I wanted to come. I thought it was next week. Still you learned and the pleasure is really in the making of those items!