Monday, December 19, 2011


Hooray! I got the iPhone a couple of weeks ago and just love it. I had no idea I would like it so much or use it as much as I do. I can even blog from it which is how I started this post. So very easy to use and so cooperative. Even though I really like the SWYPE technology in my other phone, I soon discovered that a Windows based phone is very limited. And besides, every time I tried to email a photo or a video, it would crash.

This one has Siri, my personal assistant and that is quite fun and amazing. The other day, Tom asked me to pick up a Starbucks coffee on my way home from the vet and I got a little confused as to where the one was I intended to go to. So after driving in a couple different directions and helter skelter, I asked Siri to find me the closest Starbucks. She told me "there a are several close by" and then popped up a map for me to choose one. And, because I have Bluetooth in my car, it was all done through the speakers. Cool!

And here is a photo taken from it.

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sewnews said...

Just amazing this technology today

Sissie said...

You are so ahead of the curve...ouch.
I have a droid now....I need some tutoring.