Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Something to make life easier

When we visited the Art Institute last fall, we visited the museum store and I saw this scarf that was made up of round pieces of wool felt. The price of it of course was outrageous so I snapped some shots knowing that I would be able to make it myself.

I found some wool felt on eBay for a decent price and as soon as it arrived, I started tracing little circles on the wool felt and cutting them out. It didnt take a brick falling on my head to figure out that this would take forever so I put it aside thinking that some day soon I would get back to it...or not.

Well that day has now arrived with the purchase of my new Accuquilt Go cutter that is advertised to be 90% faster than rotary cutters. This will speed things up considerably I would say.

And besides that, I got a screaming deal on this from my favorite quilt store here in town. I saw it at the Sewing and Quilt Festival this weekend. Their price was 25% off their regular price but I told them what their competitor down the way was selling it for, and they gave it to me at that price. And that price was below their cost so I was very pleased with my little bit of bargaining. Never hurts to ask.

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Anonymous said...

A brick fell on yur head?!! That explains it all.

sewnews said...

Oh no not a brick..... Looks like you will have a fun projecty going soon.

Sissie said...

Yikes....you did it. Wow!