Friday, February 24, 2012

Dollars to donuts

Tom and I took a day trip up to Globe on Presidents Day. I really like the drive up there and coincidentally, there was a quilt show going on at the same time (in addition to a couple of quilt shops we stopped at). Anyway, at the quilt show they were selling different kinds of pincushions and I took a liking to the donut ones. I need a pincushion like I need a hole in the head but it was so cute I had to buy one. Plus, it was only $3.00 and well worth it because those white spots on the chocolate frosting are little beads hand sewn on. So this little thing took a little bit of work. Very happy with the purchase.

(Taken with the phone so kind of unfocused. Sorry about that)

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Sissie said...

I love it!

sewnews said...

It looks yummy!