Monday, April 23, 2012

Progress with the Accuquilt

I'm trying to get as much use out of my Accuquilt as possible...partly due to the cost but mostly because it's FUN! I initially bought it because I wanted to make a felted wool scarf out of circles and figured this would be a really easy way to cut out a ton of circles. I have not done that project yet (sitting on the back burner with a couple/several other projects) but I have made a pillow using one of the circle blades and was it FAST! I had to cut out both 3.5" circles and 2.5" circles to make this pillow and luckily, both sizes came on the blade or whatever you call those things.

I have also made two quilt tops and have started a third but those are not finished yet; the pillow is. So, TA it is:

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sewnews said...

Way cool... You are really mving with that thing - can't wait to see the pillow in person

Diane said...

That would be a wonderful present for a special person. You do prety work.

Romanianmum said...

Very cute!