Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pondering my next quilt

One month from now is our annual Sew In and I need to start thinking of projects to take.

I just got a book from the library called "Transparency Quilts" and I think I will attempt one of those. The use of solid colors or colors that read as solids is heavy in these so I will probably have to buy some fabric since I don't have too many solids. The goal is to give the quilt the illusion of transparency by the use of light and dark colors. I think my plan is to do something like this using reds, oranges and yellows for the shadow block that is shown here in brown and tan tones.  Can you see the shadow effect here?  I think it is kind of cool and have been thinking of doing a quilt with these shadow blocks for awhile.

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Sissie said...

Not only arty you are a mystery!

sewnews said...

Very cool your colors sound great