Friday, August 3, 2012

Child's play

My friend Sylvia, introduced me to a waste of time game app called "Draw Something" and of course, I became completely addicted to it.  What you do is draw pictures for other players to guess and vice versa.  You earn coins with which you can buy additional colors or bombs that will either give you more coins or give you help in guessing when you blow them up.  I have been playing with Sylvia (and others) for about a month now.  I am no artist and can barely render stick drawings, but I have fun with it.  The drawing below was one of the pictures I did for Sylvia to guess.  It is extremely simplistic and child like but I liked it enough to take a photo of it and to soup it up with another app.  Sylvia called the snow "big ass snow" but what do I know about snow having been born and raised in the desert.

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sewnews said...

Good lookin snow...

Sissie said... are killing me.....LOL
so cute. Can you teach me the photo app?

Sissie said...

BTW that is out of my norm language but it was so fitting!!!!