Monday, July 8, 2013

The price is NOT right

I'm working on a tote bag that requires grommets for the handles to go through. Having none, I made a trip to Joann's while we were in Prescott. I found a suitable color and made the purchase (along with a few other items, of course 😉) and used my 40% off coupon. Trotting next down to Tuesday Morning, Tom points out to me that it had grommets there as well. Now, even though the color choice at Tuesday Morning was extremely limited (one color only), the price was too good not to buy the only color there because it was $1.99. When I got home, I checked my receipt from Joann's and the original price was $10.99.


My only consolation was that I had to have them for the project and I did get them for 40% off, but still. Talk about mark up!!!

And look; they are exactly the same. The Joann's grommets are on the right and Tuesday Morning on the left. No difference except price.

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Sissie said...

Good gad!