Monday, October 28, 2013

Testing and new work

Blogpress once again updated its app so this is a test to make sure it works. And, it appears it does. 

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity in the sewing room.  I have two craft fairs coming up so I wanted to get some knitted projects finished up so I could post them on etsy and also have them available at the fairs.  I also saw free instructions on the internet for a fabric coaster project that was simple, fast and easy and wanted to try my hand at them because I thought I could market them as hostess gifts at the craft fairs. Plus, I was able to use up a bunch of scraps and didn't have to buy any fabric at all!  Even used up batting scraps!  These coasters went together so fast and easy that now I have 8 sets of 4 and 6 coasters that I will sew up in the morning before work over the next few days (still have 4 more sets to make).  I am a happy girl and really glad that I worked in the sewing room instead of doing some of the housework I have on my list.  That can wait a little longer and maybe even longer than that :)

(Click on each picture to enlarge.  For some reason, these small pictures are always blurry on  my blog but are much better when they are enlarged)

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sewnews said...

Yes, housewrok can certainly wait. So happy for you sewing.

Good job on the coasters

Sissie said...

Wow you are right about the picture looking so focused when enlarged. Good color choices.