Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sewing luncheon Part 1

I belong to a sewing group made up of several talented gals. Every year, Lynn, hosts an extraordinary luncheon for us at her home. After lunch, we have a show and tell of everyone's projects and this is where a lot of our ideas for the next year's projects come from. So the following will be mostly pictures with very little comment. And as always, click on the photos to get a larger and clearer picture. First, the food.

Here was our menu for the day. Pretty classy, huh?

The blurred person in the background is Lynn. This would be a typical photo of her as she is in perpetual motion. Kind of like a hummingbird.

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Sewnews said...

Nice oics. The last one makes me laugh

Sissie said...

Really great food pix! LOL Lynn-in-motion!

sewnews said...

Thats not nice