Monday, December 30, 2013

Employee lounge

The firm is undergoing a remodel and makeover and one of the things that has changed is the employee lounge.  First, it was moved from the third floor to the second floor and is now located in the space previously held by a majority of the library.  But since everything is electronic now, I guess the firm decided it no longer needed to maintain so many books and did away with them for a much larger and much nicer employee lounge.
So the first stop when entering the lounge is the Starbuck coffee machine that will grind it's own beans, while you wait.  And as always, click on the picture for larger more clear photos.

Then, there is one of the two dishwashers, sinks, refrigerators and vending machines.  Pretty top notch.

Then, to the left is the "bar" seating area that overlooks Central Avenue.  In addition, the whole lounge has wireless internet so you can bring your iPad or whatever.

Another seating area overlooking the buildings main lobby.  You can't tell from the photo but these chairs swivel and have little writing desks attached to them.

Overlooking the corner of Central and Washington that currently has the man-made ice skating rink blocking all of Central Avenue and MAKING IT HELL TO GET OUT OF THE DOWNTOWN AREA... but I digress.

Another view of the "bar" seating area.  you can see how big this lounge is.

The kitchen area that has toasters and microwave ovens.

Another view.

And still another view

And a photo of someone watching the flat screen TV in another part of the employee lounge.
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Franklin Bruce Taylor said...

My word, that is spectacular. There must be hundreds of employees to have a lounge of this size.

quilteddogs said...

Yes, it's a very large firm. And this is just the staff's lounge. The attorneys have their own lounge stocked with alcohol and snacks.

sewnews said...

wow oh wow so very nice

quilteddogs said...

Yes, it is.

Charlotte Blanche said...

I love the look of it, nice pictures!

quilteddogs said...