Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Black Hole

In Los Alamos, there is a place (a very scary place) called The Black Hole I didn't take many photos of it because it gave me the shivers. Just one photo. Anyway, if you click on the green link above, you can see what Wikipedia says about it.

Quoting from Frommers,which we should strike against due to what the founder says about Arizona, but I digress...quoting from Frommers The Black Hole is "an engineer's dream, a creative photographer's heaven and a Felix Unger nightmare". I guess I align myself more with Felix Unger in this instance. The place was filled to the gills with junk/junque. Gas masks, books, tools, clothing, computer equipment, stereo equipment and pretty much anything and everything else.

Here is the only photo I took:


sewnews said...

Wow looks a little crowded

Granny J said...

I think I'd like to spend a long afternoon there sometime.

quilteddogs said...

Lynn: Agreed

GrannyJ: Yes, I think you could spend a lot of time there.