Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Welcome to your new home Charlie!  We are happy to have you here.

So, here is our new dog Charlie who came from Springer Rescue.  He and Roscoe got along right from the get-go and I think he is giving Roscoe a bit more pep in his step. No pictures of Roscoe here because he needed a bath and was not looking his best.  These photos were taken with my iPhone which was the only camera I had handy at the time.  Better pictures later.

As I said, Charlie came from Rescue and the story that came with him was that he was tied to a fence for two days and then Animal Control came and put him in the pound, where he was put on the "e list"... a soft term for execution.  Luckily, Springer Rescue entered the picture and put him in a foster home for about a month and a half.  I couldn't figure out how he was tied to a fence for 2 days but after looking at his paper work I see that it was during Christmas and Animal Control didn't pick him up until December 26.  It breaks my heart.  But I swear on the souls of all my dogs who have passed, that he will be given a wonderful life for the rest of the time he is on this earth. 

He is a beauty and poetry in motion when he is on cat patrol.  I watched him in the backyard yesterday and was transfixed by his poise.  Wish I had a video of that.  Anyway, here he is and welcome to my life, Charlie boy!

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sewnews said...

Oh what a sweet face. I know that with you he will have an amazing life.

So glad it woked out for both of you and Roscoe of course

Catalyst said...

Oh QD, that last picture is a treasure. (Even for a cat man!)

quilteddogs said...

Thank you Lynn. Hoping we do have an amazing life.

Bruce, that's saying a lot.