Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sad times

How strange that my last post, well over a month ago, was titled "Happy Times". A lot has changed since then including no interest at all in blogging.

On the morning of April 15, 2014, I had to put my beloved Roscoe down. He was 14 years old and really struggling with getting up and going down. It was a kindness to him but oh so hard on me.

Then, that evening, my mom died after suffering a very short illness that we really thought she would recover from. She was 91 years old and just did not have the strength anymore to win the battle with another illness.

My grief is immeasurable and there are times when I think I just can't handle it.

Waking up each morning and realizing they are both gone is so hard. I know things will get better but that is no consolation right now.

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sewnews said...

It is sad times. Roscoe was a good boy and you provided him a wondeful full life.

Prissy also had a long wondeful full life. This is a heavy burden but with time your heart will lighten and the tears will be shed only with the happy memories of your time with her. She was so lucky to have you.

Catalyst said...

Oh, I am so sorry. One loss is terrible but two in such a short time can be devastating. Have comfort, though, in knowing that the grief will lessen with the passage of time. Sincere condolences.

Ms Bridgit said...

We lost our cat Monty a Ginger tom. He died peacefully in his sleep of old age. It was a terrible wrench it was like a loss of a family member, A family member for 17 years.