Monday, July 9, 2007

What kind of bird is this?

What kind of bird is this?

I was messing around with my new camera and I found this bird and his family living in the eaves of the cabin. I was between him and his nest so he couldn't go home with me standing there. These photos were taken from about 12 feet away.


Granny J said...

Nice shots! It's a finch -- probably a house finch, which is all over the place up here. I've got finches who nest in a rolled up awning. Downtown, they nest in amongst the letters of business signs.

quilteddogs said...

Thanks granny j. I figured you would know. We don't have brids like that in Phoenix. Yeah, I thought the shots came out really nice. I really like this camera but agree with you about the buttons having buttons and so forth and so on.

Sylvia said...

Betsy, we do have the common house finch in Phoenix. We have them year round. Some of the males, like yours, are very bright. During mating season they have a beautiful song. They hang out with the lesser gold finch which is one of my favorite birds. Sylvia