Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Second photo class

Last night was the second photo class and the first one in which we were all critiqued by the teacher. Fortunately, he's seems to be a very easy going guy and was not too harsh with any of us and offered valid criticism. I'm right in the middle of the group. My photo was not the best and not the worst meaning I have room to improve and room to fail. One student, who either doesn't speak English very well or is shy with her English skills took an exceptional photo. (scroll down to the second photo) I hope you can see it here. As soon as I saw it I thought she could be a modern day Rembrandt with her use of lights and darks. Only her medium was a camera while his was paint and paintbrushes. Just beautiful. I'm sure the teacher will ask her to show it at one of the upcoming gallery competitions.

The class was very frustrating at the end because he wanted us to set our cameras on several different settings so we all had to scramble looking in our manuals to see how to do it. Since all of the cameras are different brands, the terms used for each brand is different in the manuals. So since there was just one of him and 15-20 of us, we did not get much individualized attention. Fortunately, the fellow sitting next to me was in the advanced class and was able to give me a lot of help. I'll have to go back to my notes to figure out exactly what I did to my camera. But one thing is for sure, it is no longer set on automatic and that is how it is supposed to stay.

Now, I need to find a subject for the next class and take 20 or more shots of it trying to obtain something that satisfies the "rule of three".


Lynn said...

Nice Picture... but I like yours also

sheoflittlebrain said...

Looks like your class is fun and challenging! Beautiful subject and pix. I would already be in way over my head as I totally rely on automatic!