Thursday, September 13, 2007

A photo visit of my backyard

Our first assignment in the photo class was to just get out and take pictures of our yard. I took these photos several weeks ago but just now decided to add them to my blog.

The fountain (which is no longer working due to some electrical issue)

A coyote paw on the saltillo tile

Mexican Bird of Paradise

A variety of Yucca

St. Francis statue

I still don't know what this is

Brittle Bush

A frog (more about frogs later)

An old Coke sign found in my parent's backyard at the cabin when they first bought it in the '70s.


Lynn said...

Great pics! Almost as good as those cute doggies. I think you should send your rain photo to the4 AZ republic where they ask for weather pictures.

Granny J said...

Love the yucca -- oh, the temptation all plants of that configuration present to the photographer!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Super pix all! Like gj, the yucca's my most favorite..I really love the bird of paridise too...

I've tagged you for two memes..details at my site:)