Monday, September 17, 2007

Frog Mania

The other day, I promised you frogs and here you go...Frogs Galore!!! Friday night was my mom's turn to host bunco and she had this crazy idea to go with a frog theme so she has been collecting frogs since May for her next bunco. So here we go....

Mom with some of the frogs

Frog name tag holders

Thrift Store Frog

Bunco prize frog

Steiff Frog


Bunco Babes

Frog Cake

How do you do, Mr. Frog?

Prince in Frog's Clothing? (wardrobe malfunction, cheap zipper)

The handsome prince unmasked


Lynn said...

I think that Frog-Man is quite handsome and quite a gamer to perfom for us.

It was a great time Ribbet Ribbet

sheoflittlebrain said...

Looks like a fun party! That's a great of frogs!

Wasn't sure if you'd seen my comment tagging you for a couple of memess. Should you want to try them scroll down a bit on my site for instructions..

Granny J said...

So who kissed the frog & turned him into a prince???

quilteddogs said...

Lynn: He is a handsome frog and a good sport.

Little Brain: I saw your tag and responded. Thanks. It was fun.

Granny: Unfortunately, it was the heat of the costume that turned the frog into a prince.

Rowena Tank said...

Frogs, wow, we have a Prescott Painter who paints frogs in Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery on Whisky Row and her name is Carolyn Peterson. She even has frog cards made from her prints of her paintings. I just read my blog comments and I was excited to hear that you purchase some of my Lampwork Beads in Prescott. I would love to have a photo with the drops and put it on my blog. Thank you as always, Rowena Tank, Prescott