Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Three day weekend!!!

Hooray!! Just got back from a weekend up in Prescott which was nice and cool. I thought I would be able to work on my next photography class assignment but could not find any flowers in the neighborhood to take pictures of. We need to take 20 pictures of one subject and the instructor has explained that the most interesting subjects are good looking people, children, animals and flowers. I thought animals would be too difficult and opted for the flowers. I believe that now, Roscoe (my dog) will become my subject. Mostly because there are no flowers in Phoenix in the summertime or very few or very fake.

So, here are some photos I took during my time in Prescott (keep in mind, we never went into town so all these pictures were taken at the cabin or in the neighborhood).

What a handsome boy he is! Plus, this photo sort of satisfies the "rule of thirds" which I'm not going to go into here.

It rained while in Prescott and Granny J gave me the idea of taking a photograph of the rain. Here are some photos of that:

Granny J has also given me the advice to take my camera with me wherever I go. Well, that's good advice and well and good if you don't have two fifty pound dogs with you, plus a clean-up-after-your-dogs-bag, plus it's 100 degrees still at night when we're walking. Anyway, as I said it is good advice so I took it while walking the two dogs in Prescott. Here are some of the results:


Lynn said...

Great pics and yes, I think you should make Roscoe your subject he is so handsome.

I agree with the camera everywhere but I also agree with you and the load we must take with us when we have dogs. I only have one and it is too much

Granny J said...

Next rule: always, well, almost always sling a backpack -- it will hold all kinds of stuff, freeing your hands as much a possible. Nice dawg pix, but the rain and the rocks were my favorites...